less example-hands in popup poss?
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    Default less example-hands in popup poss?

    the stats in NC i use are mostly 3b ip/oop squeeze ip/oop.
    when i go on the nc-popup it shows example holecards for those stats, nice idea - but from players with a lot of hands in my db NC shows so many examplehands that theres no space in my screen to see more than the 1st stat, i.e. it shows so many hands for 3bet ip (1st in line) that whole popupwindow is filled with examplehands for this stat that I cant see all the other stats following...
    So is it poss to tell NC just to show a limited # of examplehands so that I can see all the stats i want?
    Or if its not poss then not to show any examples but only the small graph for the handstrength?
    Or if this is nalso not poss how do i define popups only showing 1 NC-note, so that i can create a popup for each note?

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    Do you play Omaha by any chance? If so, I recommend you turn off "show $cardrange results in short form" via file->settings->note settings. This, ironically, makes the notes appear in a much longer form for Omaha. This is going to be changed very soon.

    If I am way off, please post a screenshot so I can understand better.
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    Cool, you got it exactly, that was what I tried to explain and yes, I'm just playing PLO.
    I just changed the settings and now it is exactly how I wanted it, all notes are visible in one popup, tx.

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