pokerstars zoom hud not working
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    Default pokerstars zoom hud not working

    hi, i tried to play zoom for the first time today, but the hud didnt work, any idea's why?


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    Please update HM1 to this build

    A) You must set stars to run as admin otherwise the zoom hud will not work.
    To do this please close HM2 and Poker Stars.
    1) Go to C:\Program Files\PokerStars (Program Files (x86) for the 64bit version)
    2) Right click the PokerStars.exe and choose “Properties”.
    3) Go to the Compatibility Tab and select “Run this program as an Administrator”.
    If this option is greyed out it is because the UAC is disabled and you basically running as admin so no need to change anything.
    4) Repeat steps 1-3 for PokerStarsUpdate.exe
    and also for these files in C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager (Program Files (x86) for the 64bit version) folder:
    although holdemmanager.exe should be already set to run as admin by default.

    B) Make sure these 2 options are enabled:
    HUD Options > additional hud filters > filter by limits > [x] include hands from other limits,
    and [x] mix ftp rush and non rush stats
    - preferred seat is set in HM1 HUD Options > Seating Preferences
    - Stars hero name is set under HUD Options > Set Hero Name
    - prefetch off in HUD Options > Site Options
    - stars hh folder is in autoimport and that autoimport is running

    If stars wont run after ticking run as admin you need to also tick run as admin for PokerStarsUpdate.exe

    If your HUD is lagging behind or not showing
    NB: In the rare case of your hud is lagging behind or not showing then in almost every case its because you haven't set files specified in (A) to run as admin as explained above.

    Please reproduce the problem and post a screen shot of your desktop - Capture a Screen Shot of your Desktop or the Active Window in Windows
    with the following:
    1) The table manager
    2) The tables (including one with no stats)
    3) The ...handhistory\screenname folder.
    4) The "\rvg software\holdem manager\importing\hud data" folder AND the %appdata%\hem data folder.

    Please Zip these folders and email them, with a link to this thread and your forum name, to
    Please make 3 and 4 the detailed view with the dates and file sizes etc.

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