Postgresql - connection refused.
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    Default Postgresql - connection refused.

    Hi everyone, im not sure if I'm posting in the wrong forum, if that's case im sorry.

    I just bought myself a new computer to grind on, as the old is pretty fucked up atm. Here is link to my computer:
    Samsung Series 9 2012 (15″) Review Ultrabook News and the Ultrabook Database

    When I'm trying to install, everything goes smoothly until the end, thats where i get problem when it comes to installing postgresql. This is what i get as error:

    hem problem 4.png

    I have Win7 and this what ive tried so far:

    1) PC name must be in english - my computer name is "Mikal"
    hem problem 5.png
    2) My windows name is the same, i have also tried to reboot my computer. Have also tried to install running as administrator.
    3) Secondary logon i could chose between automatic delayed and automatic, i took automatic.
    hem problem 6.png
    4) UAC is off.
    hem problem 7.png
    5) Have firewall disabled
    hem problem 8.png

    So whats wrong?


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    Did you start the secondary logon service after changing the start type or was it already running?

    I suggest you download the latest postgresql 8.4 installer from PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database and try to install this one. At least it should give you a more detailled error message.

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    Yeah, i've done that several of times allready. Can't get it installed at all, if i try with your combo installer og if i install postgresql alone i dont work.

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    Tried to install it again.

    nytt hem problem.png

    What now? Somehow the program still got installed and it made a folder and put some files into it.
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    Please try this:
    - uninstall Postgres from Control panel (but do not delete windows user)
    - download latest 8.4 from PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database
    - do right-click - run as admin on downloaded instalelr and install postgres manually - but NOT in default folder
    (set C:\Postgresql as install.folder)

    If no success - uninstall it again, but do NOT delete that folder
    do right-click on it - properties - security - set full access for user "everyone"
    and try installation again

    If even this will not install - uninstall postgres, then
    open CMD (as admin) and execute following command there
    netsh winsock reset
    you should receive message about successful execution
    reboot PC and try again

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