Cash games, vs players report, game type drop down has no affect on report?
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    Default Cash games, vs players report, game type drop down has no affect on report?

    I am running small stakes version (HE & Omaha), when I try to look at vs. Players for O8 I select te game type from the drop down, refresh, but still get the same list of (HE) players I got when reviewing my HE hands. Does this report work for Omaha? Anyone had similar? Thanks in advance.
    ps. I downloaded the latest pre-release, even tried to manually work around, but still only get HE players in vs Players, yet when I click back to sessions I get the games I had filtered for, is it just that this element doesn't work for Omaha?
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    Seems as a bug for me, thanks, i'll forward it.

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    I had a similar thing actually when I was playing small stakes cash games and I tried refreshing and nothing helped. I then logged out and logged back in several days later and it worked again. I think it must have been a bug that got fixed now already.

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    I'm having the same problem w/1.11.05e Omaha Manager Pro (I have some hold'em hands still in my database from the trial version)

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