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    Here are a few tips to help people dealing with common issues that can come up while playing.

    For general information on getting started with TableNinja please see our "Getting Started" videos and documentation here:

    TableNinja :: Documentation Configuration Guide


    * If new tables are popping up and disrupting play, use the "Cycle to first in
    line table" hotkey on the "Table Control" tab to jump to the table
    needing action.

    * The "Disable Hotkeys Toggle" hotkey on the bottom of the window will temporarily turn off your hotkeys as well as the info tab refresh allowing you to take notes. Pressing the hotkey again will resume normal use.

    * If you use "Table Under Mouse" mode the "AA Check/Fold" hotkey will also click the regular check or fold buttons when its your turn.

    * You can make certain types of frames invisible by setting their color to "transparent".

    * You can hover your cursor over the names of features in TableNinja and a tool tip explaining that feature will pop up.

    * You can force the Sit-n-Go Sensei to register for tournaments that are almost full first by following these steps:

    1. On the Sit-n-Go Opener tab in TableNinja turn off "Enable Sorting Optimization" (a checkbox in the bottom right corner

    2. Sort the PokerStars lobby so that the fullest tournaments are on top

    * Some tips won't fit in a bullet. You can find detailed information on setting up for different styles of play here:

    - Tiling
    TableNinja :: Support

    - Stacking
    TableNinja :: Support

    * You can also save these layouts in PokerStars making table arangement simple. More information can be found here:

    - Saving Layouts
    TableNinja :: Support

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    The link to the Documentation Configuration Guide doesn't work any longer? I always get redirected to the TN2 website...

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