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    I play at 888.com former pacfic poker, i read the seating option but there is no way to set preffered seating on 888 that i know of.
    When i sit down and the first hand plays without me in all the stats line up to correct places, then i play a few hands and my name finally comes up in the HUD but the stats are all in the wrong places is there a way around this?

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    Make sure you are in the correct view at Pacific (see FAQ below)

    "At Pacific poker the seating is a bit different compared to other sites so if you play 6max or Heads Up the villains may be seated at any of the 10 seats at the table so regardless of whether you play 10max/6max or Heads Up the best way to configure the seating is to sit in at a nearly full 10max table first so that the stats will be correctly attached to all seats.

    Once you configure the stats for a full ring table it will work on 6max and Heads Up tables automatically. There is also only 1 setting in Holdem manager that needs to be changed regardless of whether you play 10max, 6max or HU just go to Hud Options / Seating Preferences and select Pacific from the dropdown list and for 10max choose seat 5. Note that none of the other options are available and this is normal as you only need to set the 10max option"

    See this for full info:
    FAQ - Hold'em Manager Poker Tracking Software :: Setup Preferred Seating for Pacific Poker

    After you have preferred seating set up you then need to get your HUD elements in the right place:
    make sure you have only ONE table open
    sit & play a hand or two
    move HUD elements
    In the Table Manager Window menu > File > Save Positions [Or right-click the HM icon in the system tray of your task bar & do the same]


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