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    Ive had this problem sice i first purchased Leak Buster. Everytime i run the query it comes up with the box saying Leak Buster is obtaining your data. This never brings back any results and i can leave it running for 15-20 minutes. It always ends up saying HEM is not responding when i try to cancel it and i end up closing HEM.
    Im running Windows Vista 64 with an intel i7 cpu 920@2.67ghz with 8gb Ram if that helps.

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    The newest version has a cancel feature, I don't know if that's what you meant by trying to cancel. The development team is working on this as we speak though (literally this was #1 on their plate today). It is difficult if you have a large database because it's doing a ton of calculations to come up with these numbers. I'll update this post though when they get it moving quicker.

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