september internal 1.12.11 hyper sng HU bugs (wins are equal 0 dollars)
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    Default september internal 1.12.11 hyper sng HU bugs (wins are equal 0 dollars)

    I might of changed my default tourney buyins to pokerstars lowest entry ($1.44 + $.06) since I couldn't leave them blank

    It was working fine until I started importing hands from my mobile phone (email hand histories then manually copy them via import file by notepad) and now the wins don't register. I have to manually see which one I've won 1st to edit the tourney winnings option, very frustrating, even reinstalling from oct to sept did not work (update).

    Anyway I can fix this?

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    You also need the summary files (I'm not sure if you can request those from PokerStars, when played on your mobile phone)

    Read the tournament summary section @
    The summary files lists in which position you finished, how much you won, etc.

    Or in the PokerStars client click on--> Requests--> Tournament History
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