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    First and foremost - there is nothing wrong with the current support. You guys work extremely hard to support a product people have already paid for and you aren't getting many (if any??) recurring revenues on. That is impressive and I commend thee!

    However, I think you should offer a premium support program. Your software is essential business software for thousands of professional players. Most business software offers some sort of premium support. For example, if you buy 100 computers from Dell you get access to their business support desk which is far better than the normal guys we've all had to deal with in the call centers . I'd happily pay $500/year for Skype access to support personnel at RVG. I probably would only need to use it once or twice during that year but it's that important to me.

    Some feature suggestions :

    - Skype support for all things HEM. Not just the easy stuff - at this level the tech should be able to control your machine w/ remote viewing software and really diagnose tricky issues. Learn to never tell a customer "check this, this and this." Help them do it and do it fast. Assume responsibility for making their machine work, even though it's probably user error anyway :P
    - A separate forum as well - just in case people aren't available at the same time on Skype.
    - Guarantees on timeliness of responses.
    - Help in design and setup of new poker rigs.
    - Notifications of potential problems before they arise. For example if a patch comes out that you think will affect users (damned pokerstars for no patch notes eh?) - tell us ASAP. Not to place blame here - but I've certainly had my share of times when I've fired up a 20 table session only to discover some critical bug due to a recent patch and would love some sort of early warning system.

    Ok that's my suggestion. I think you could reap some additional revenue here from users that absolutely depend on HEM for their business to succeed.



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    Thank you for the suggestions. I have forwarded them to management for consideration. I can not discuss publicly if this is something we might, or might not, consider in the future.

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