HUD layout keeps returning to old layout
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    Default HUD layout keeps returning to old layout

    I have to keep moving the HUD boxes to the desired position each time I open a table and it's ticking me off. Please help.

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    Please use the save positions option FAQ - Hold'em Manager Poker Tracking Software :: HUD Forgets Stats Panel Positions on Restart once you setup your hud and this will prevent it from happening again
    We welcome any feedback on any solutions we provide, this helps us to provide better quality solutions in the future.

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    I have actually tried like 3 times to setup my fullring hud, and always when I finally get it to my liking hud crashes and obviously loses all the settings. Guess I'll never get to play fullring lol.

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    Mofo - you have used two threads started by other people to describe possibly one problem - confusing

    Q1] What do you mean by "it crashes" ? Are you only saying it doesn't save positions or is something MORE dramatic happening ?

    Q2] Did you do what it said in the FAQ that Morny posted in THIS thread ? I especially mean the bit in Table Manager where you go to File / Save Positions. This saves the co-ordinates of the panel to the config file so that Holdem Manager will remember where to put the file panels next time it loads.

    Q3] You have posted in the OTHER thread about a 'hero stats' problem:
    I guess the problem you mention in THIS post & the problem you mention in THAT post could be related...
    I suggest you either post the 'hero stats' thing here for support to see - they'll maybe assist you better that way
    Or start your own complete thread
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