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    Default Hud notes paragaphs

    Current hud notes window doesn't save paragaph lines. It would be extremely helpful if some kind of break lines would be saved, that way you could classify your notes. I asssume this would be very easy to implement.

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    Voted yes obviously, one year ago it was said that things like that would be added soon. As well stuff like ,,, or other special letters. At least stop the notes window exploding when i use these letters.

    Making stuff in the notewindow bold, italic or underlined is needed as well.

    At least we now have fancy icons on the HEM sidemenu, very useful at the tables or during sessionanalysis.

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    To be more precise: When you add a line spacing to your note, it looks like the paragaph will be saved at least as long as the HUD is on. I tried this with the replayer and the line spacing was there until you restarted the HUD, at which point all the text is in batch. I recall that some time ago those space lines would go away even without shutting down the HUD.

    Fixing this small issue would improve the whole note system a ton. Not only faster and easier to read - everybody knows how frustrating it is to read a forum post for example, that is all in one piece, but also more easier to categorize the notes.

    Jeez do you guys even read this suggestions. Some of these are very easy to impelement. And when you finally add any of these suggestions, why don't you mark the thread like *ADDED, or even make post to that discussion that it is solved. Would be helpful for all of us, if developer(s) could come here and say like is it doable, where exactly on the priority list, give some timeschedule or any other feedback on these suggestions.

    I'm really not trying to be rude, I know all of you are doing your best but in my opinion these things could have been handled better.

    Added this to HUD bugs section, I guess picked the wrong forum for this one.
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    Some sites have really poor note features, and if the HEM hud notes had spacing it would make it so much easier..

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