composite definitions: casting to float?
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    Default composite definitions: casting to float?


    In a composite definition I have the following expression:

    HEM."EP 4Bet vs blinds"/HEM."EP 4Bet vs ip"

    I believe this is currently using an integer division, and I would like it to be a float to increase precision (since I expect this ratio to normally be between 0 and 3)

    Here is some background on what I'm trying to accomplish: I'm building a new HUD with as many advanced features I can think of Currently I have the idea of showing a 'warning' badge at a specific location in the HUD if certain criteria are met. In this case, if the ratio I'm calculating is too far away from 1, then the 4bet range I'm putting my opponent on might be way off depending on my position, so I want to place a warning badge (exclamation mark or something) directly behind the stat. (I believe this part is possible by using a prefix badge)

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    It uses decimal division. You can test this by making a constant expression:
    (2 / 3) * 100
    and watch how the result is 66 for everyone wherein it would be 0 if they were computed as 0s

    I also verified that HEM returns their stats as decimals

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    aha ok, so the expression is doing it's job correctly. Then rounding seems to be off in the HUD (as a stat in the HUD, haven't testing in popups).

    If I have the expression 9/5 I expect the hud to show '2' if I have 0 decimals and '1.8' if I have 1 decimal enabled in the HUD. Instead it shown '1' and 1.0' so I expect somewhere after the expession is evaluated the number is still being cast to an integer.

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