ALL Color Definitions gone + No NC stats showing anymore after color coding
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    Angry ALL Color Definitions gone + No NC stats showing anymore after color coding

    I'm so fucking pissed right now.
    I just color coded Pokerstars players. That worked well, but when when I started playing I noticed that all my NCstats in the hud doesn't appear anymore. Badges didn't show up anymore either.
    I had this bug several times before and fixed it most times by restarting HM.
    I did so without any effect.
    I then started NC and saw that all ColorDefinitions/Badges are gone.
    I can't find the .xml files on my HD so I guess I can't even reimport them.
    I put like 100 hours+ work into that! How can this happen?!

    Edit: Think I at least found my ColorDefinitions in the ColorDefinitions.xml, didn't know they are all saved in one file.
    NoteCaddy is crashing now everytime I try to access/import/delete a definition so I will reinstall HM/Notecaddy, reimport everything and hope it works.
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    Did you check if your definitions are appearing in the inactive tab? The only way none would appear would be that since if there aren't any, NC will reload the defaults

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