Preflop Cards section: Color coding by Winnings instead of by Frequency

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    Default Preflop Cards section: Color coding by Winnings instead of by Frequency

    In the section "Preflop Cards" in Hold'em Manager,
    i would prefer to have the current Blue-Black color coding, which is based on the Frequency of getting the Preflop Cards in a given situation,
    replaced by a color coding system that shows Winning - Losing so you can immediately see in a glance which Preflop cards are being played profitable or not (with your specified filters).

    To illustrate this change, i have included an image* that has been Photoshopped by me
    ( I have replaced the Blue-Black color coding with Winning - Losing color coding):

    * All data is fictional

    In this example, I've chosen 3 Bet from Any position. I can now see in a glance which cards have been 3 Betted profitably ( example: AA ), and which 3 Bettings went horribly wrong on the longer run ( example: 98s )

    ==> Additionally, the frequency % that is shown in the current version of the software,
    can still be shown beneat each individual cell of Holecards.
    Example of this: Cards 22 in the screenshot, could still be showing the Frequency of 2.56 % as in the original screenshot i took from the current Hold'em Manager version.
    Please check back to your own version of Hold'em Manager to see that all these Frequency % are displayed below the Holecards in the cells. I have removed them in this screenshot.

    ==> Another option could be that instead of the frequency %,
    the winnings in $$ instead, could be shown below the Holecards.

    * All data is fictional
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    I made a similar suggestion in this thread

    I think it would be more useful to display the winnings rather than the frequency as well.

    I see the benefit of the current color coding when you're reviewing an opponent but for hero stats winnings makes more sense to me. Maybe an option of which to display would be nice.

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