An explanation doesn't make sense to me
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    Question An explanation doesn't make sense to me

    W$SD% - small blind: "Your current won dollars at showdown is a little too high from the small blind. When you're out of position, you need to look to call down your opponents a little more often if you are going to call a bet on the flop."

    How can I be winning too high if I need to call down my opponents more often? Is it just my English that's bad or did LB make a mistake? I am assuming that LB is actually telling me that I am winning too little from small blind because I don't call enough.

    So I would please like to get this cleared up. Is it me who is misunderstanding something? or is it Leak Buster's mistake?

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    It's basically saying that you are likely folding a little too often because there are some more narrow spots where you should be calling down, and when you do this effectively, your w$sd% actually drops and gets lower. If you are ONLY taking the strongest part of your range, then you're missing value.

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