HUD 'Call Open' != Reports 'Cold Call'?
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    Question HUD 'Call Open' != Reports 'Cold Call'?


    In the FAQ it states that "Call Open" has the following definition:

    This is when you’re facing a raise and you just call preflop.

    That seems to be the same definition as for "Cold Call" in the Reports:

    Call when faced with 1 raise

    However, The HUD shows my 'Call Open' rate as 7%, but Reports show my 'Cold Call' rate at 5%.

    All other stats (VPIP/AF/3-Bet) seem to be exactly equal for both the HUD and for Reports. Is the 'Call Open' stat wrong, or am i overlooking something?

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    The stats naming in the Hud and report is not 100% equal. We are working on it.

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    Any update to this? It still seems to be the same.

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