HM saying trial period is over, WTF?
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    Default HM saying trial period is over, WTF?

    Hi all,
    I just tried to start Hm, as usual at the beginning of a session. Somehow however HM has decided that the trial period is over and I need to register. The thing is I've obv already done that a while ago. Does anyone know why HM is doing this and what do I do about it?

    Also another weird thing I noticed a while ago, guess I was to lazy to ask the question earlier on: somehow HM seems to miss a certain pecentage of my hands. Not just random, but it appears as if it often misses my biggest wins in a session. I first noticed this when I played a very short session, stacked a guy and that made the diff between being half a BI up and half a BI down. Obv HM said I was half a BI down while the oppisite was true (cashier doesn't lie and PS doesn't give me free money I assume) At thirst I thougt it was something weird, but it wouldn't happen that often. By now I know the opposite is true. Somehow HM has figured out that in september I would've lost like 2,5k while in fact I won a little over 2k. Kinda anoying when you try to get a good graph or an accurate winrate...
    edit: I thought maybe it was because of PS, but I tested on FTP and had the same thing.

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    Stars changed their HH format a few weeks back, update to this version then purge any hands imported over the last few weeks and move the HH to a new folder and then reimport them

    for the 1st problem just enter your code in again that Roy emailed you or email if you cant find it
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