Hud problem in iPoker
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    Default Hud problem in iPoker

    My HUD is a complete mess in iPoker (CelebPoker skin).
    I have tried with and without "fix my stats position", also with and without preferred seat. The first table I open shows stats correctly, the second sometimes but the third and so on all have the player stats in the wrong positions/players. The card alignment seemed ok at first, next time I opened a table was also messed up. Sometimes seat number one is in the top right, sometimes is on the top left...

    I'm using the latest hem version 1.10.04.

    Anyway to fix this?

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    This is most likely because your using the preferred seating or sit here option, we are still in the process of adding support for this
    We welcome any feedback on any solutions we provide, this helps us to provide better quality solutions in the future.

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