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    Default Article 1 Set up my own ranges


    Again, my compliments to the chef. This series on plugging leaks is awesome. I'm trying to follow and use it with PLO. We believe these ideas will carry forward with of course some exceptions.
    At the very end of the article, Roy sets forth the steps to follow in order to come up with my own ranges and Median bb/100 values.
    My problem is with step 3:"Click on the very top left of the grid to select all, then Press Ctl-C and open Excel and press Ctl-V." I don't get it. I'm on a Player Summary with the Player Name on the top left. I am not given the choice to select all.
    Please help.
    Thank you,

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    Im not sure what article your referring to, you can right click the player summary and choose export grid as a csv file and then import it into a spreadsheet app like Excel
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    This is what Roy G. wrote in 2008 (I think when Roy wrote this HM did not have a better way to export data). Now the situation is different & it's easier to do what Morny suggests.:
    Plugging Leaks using Holdem Manager. Article 1: Determining typical bb/100 ranges based on Stat Ranges
    you can ...come up with your own ranges and Median bb/100 values by following these steps.

    1) Go to the players tab and set the applicable filters
    2) Run the default report
    3) Click on the very top left of the grid to select all, then Press Ctrl-C and open Excel and press Ctrl-V
    4) You can then sort by stats, one at a time and use the median formula to get the median bb/100 scores for each range you split it into. You can also create scatter graphs like I have done for VPIP through Excel

    This is my explanation of how to get the data into a spreadsheet so that you can sort & analyse it freely: Comma Separated Values (CSV) is text file format that you can use to exchange data from a database or a spreadsheet between applications. Each line in a Text CSV file represents a record in the database, or a row in a spreadsheet. Each field in a database record or cell in a spreadsheet row is usually separated by a comma

    To export right-click ANYWHERE in the 'player summary' window & choose 'Export Grid to CSV file' from the mouse context menu
    a file browser window opens
    choose where you want the csv file to be saved to (I save it in my docs)
    click 'OK'
    make a note of the file name when a dialog pops up to tell you it has been saved

    Open up Excel (or in my case OpenOffice Calc)
    Choose File - Open.
    Locate the CSV file that you have just exported above
    Select the file
    Click 'Open'
    The Text Import dialog opens
    Specify the options to divide the text in the file into columns
    You can preview the layout of the imported data at the bottom of the Text Import dialog
    Right-click a column in the preview to set the format or to hide the column
    Click OK

    Voila ! - the data is now in a spreadsheet table


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    I would also like to know how to do this. We're refering to article 1. The last paragraph sounds like it's an easy deal, but I don't get it. The players tab shows players names and stats, there's no such thing as run the original report there. Can we get a more friendly article on how to build the spreadsheet to get the medians?
    First we need to know how to get the data on HM, then exporting it should be a much easier deal.
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    Disconsider my previous post. I was looking at the wrong tab: vs players instead of the players tab.

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