This is my Auto Rate setup for 6max NLHE microstakes @ PS. My pre-flop play is raise or fold - rarely do I check. Postflop I am aggressive, but will take opportunities to see a free card if necessary/wise. If I join a table that has gone into check - check - check - check mode I soon stop that nonsense

I use it mainly for seat selection at-a-glance once pre-fetch has brought up the HUD. 3 times out of 4 I don't sit because the player-types are not sitting profitably. Sample sizes are mostly 0 while I test the settings. The ranges are stolen from a post by PatVS (thanks !). I welcome your comments, suggestions & derision

Imagine I'm in seat 1...

In seats 2 & 3: I want rules 14, 13 if possible - if they are nicely folding it is the equivalent of being on the button twice in an orbit instead of once. Also it's easy to fold just about any hole cards when they wake up & start playing post flop (one hand every two orbits or whatever). but if not possible then rules 12, 11 or 5 will do in these two seats to my left

In seats 5 & 6: THESE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE AT THE TABLE I want rules 1, 2 or 4 as long as they are not too crazy

I will not sit with rules 3, 6, 7 at the table because they are difficult to put on a hand. These types I find difficult to play. I may have a go though if there's a very juicy rule 1 or pair of rule 2's to my right

rules 8, 9, 10 & 11 are often multitablers & they are fine to play with especially if you keep giving them difficult decisions to act on & pay attention to the board when they bet their programmed 3.5bb's x blah blah. There is no point playing these people because they are not profitable