Here are some tips for switching from to Pokerstars.EU:

- Before the installation of the PokerStars update, please stop HM1/HM2 etc..
- The PokerStars update changed the hand history and Tourney Summary settings and paths, therefore start by installing the update for the client and check the following settings:

1 - Set the client to return to English language: Language > Play In > English
2 - Enable instant hand history options: Options > Instant Hand History Options.. (the language must be in English)
* - Important: Make sure you check the [x] Save My Hands History and check the "Where to save" path as it may have been changed.
3 - Under Options > Tournament Summary Options make sure the same options are enabled/verified as the Hand History Options.
4 - Restart HM1/2 and check the auto-import hand history and summary of paths above are correct:
* - HM1: Options > Configure Auto Import Folders
* - HM2: Hand importing -> Auto Import Folders
* - Important: You must add both the \HandHistory and \TournSummary folders to be imported.

* - Please also check whether the hands are imported with the correct time:
* - HM1 > Options > Settings > Adjust Site Import Times
* - HM2 > Hand Importing > Site Time adjustment.

If you have any problems with the Site Time Adjustments check the following FAQ and Thread: