Problem Restoring Notes
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    Question Problem Restoring Notes

    I updated my HM to the .7125 build. After my DB was converted the the new version all my players notes have vanished. They are still stored in the _obsolete previous version of my DB but when I try to export them and import them to the new DB the process is almost instantaneous and no notes are transferred. The method I have used to do this is the following :

    selected _obsolete database as the active one
    went to back up tab and left all the config files selected
    Selected Skip database option and exported.

    Selected the new DB as active one
    went to restore tab and restored DB with the option "skip database" selected.

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    I have forwarded this issue to our bugs department for further investigation. It will be tested in the order in which it was received. We will reply back in this thread with our findings.

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    Hi. This has been tested and we could not reproduce the problem. Player notes were still present after updating the database. We also removed the notes from the updated database, backed up in the obsolete db and restored into the updated database. All the notes transferred without issue.

    What version of PostgreSQL are you using?

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    Also can you email a backup of your original database and the updated database to me, i.e _obsolete and the original database and send them in a link to and well take a look

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