Hello guys,

first of all, i'm not sure whether i post in the right section, so i'm sorry for that.
My question. Allthough it did work a few times, for some time now my 'Rush FTP Notes Export' doesn't work. Here is what my Hold'em manager differs from the one on the tutorial video:
Before i start FTP, i select XXXX.xml, and click on GO, just as in the tutorial. BUT then there is a message: 'A backup copy of the note file: XXXX.xml has been saved as XXXX.bak0.

BUT In the tutorial you don't see that, there is only a message 'The Notes export blablabla .. You may now launch Full tilt Poker'.

When i quit playing Rush poker, I turn down FTP, Auto Import, Press on GO, and still there are the same players imported as before, instead of more. Also when i start the next time.

Does anyone have an idea why my Notes don't import??

Thanks A LOT, if you can help me.


Note: XXXX is my imaginary username on FTP.