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    itīs very extrange because today i try again with the hands played in 17th and import the rest of the hands, but i now i have the same problem with the hands played 18th, have i to wait some time in order the HH pass from PS folder to HM ARCHIVE ???

    i import the db that im using in windows xp pc, no new db and no filter, just select "specific day" in order to now the number of hands and $won itīs correct

    and what about the tourney that i canīt import?

    tks again

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    It takes 30 minutes for the hands to be moved to the archive folder.
    They stay in the regular handhistory folder (where the pokerclient saves them) until they're moved to the archive folder.

    Set your date filter to ALL HANDS (instead of to a specific day) and check if certain games played TODAY show up under YESTERDAY's date (or vice versa).

    The tourney you can't import: email us the handhistory file.

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