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    I'm been making alot of notes on rush poker and I'm about to use the new HUD that supports RUSH. Will this overwrite all my notes that I've made or will the HUD stats and my own notes be saved?

    Please let me know,


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    Typically the notes are stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Full Tilt Poker

    If you aren't sure you can Right-Click > Properties on the Shortcut to Full Tilt Poker and check the Target Path.

    Notes are in a file called YourUserName.xml.

    When you exported the HM stats to your notes it backed up your original notes by renaming it to YourUserName.bak0. You can simply delete the current YourUserName.xml that has the stats in the notes. Then you rename the YourUserName.bak0 to YourUserName.xml.
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