Can't delete hands, HEM2 having duplicate hands
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    Default Can't delete hands, HEM2 having duplicate hands

    sigh a new problem...

    I have latest update (Pat told me to get it yesterday as I was trying to fix a diff problem)

    I just realized over the last week my HEM2 is importing random hands twice. And I cannot delete them. In one case I went to delete one and it multiplied and now I have 4 of the same hand. So my stats are off.

    I've cleared filters and everything, but under my reports in my name, my stats wont update on their own during the session. I have to change player to someone else then change back and it will then display my updates hands, stats, etc. Seems like these problems are probably related.

    This happened before and after I created a new database and deleted the C:/...roaming/HEM files that was told to during my previous problem. (Im still using my old database but was just mentioning that in case it helps)

    And it wont save any hands I mark anymore....ahhhhhh
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    Create a new database and reimport your hands.
    On which site were these hands played?
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    ok i will try it

    ipoker and ongame
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