Export Notes/Composite Definitions/colours/HEM stats
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    Default Export Notes/Composite Definitions/colours/HEM stats

    In a perfect world, I could export a ton of information to Excel (or CSV).

    I don't need the notes themselves, but I'd like to know if a player qualified for a note and I would also like to export all the other stats, such as any composite definitions and if a player qualified for a badge note.

    I know we can see the HEM Stats in Notecaddy natively, however in theory I could create a composite definition for the stats I'm interested in, such as VPIP etc


    PlayerName, VPIP, BluffRiverBadge, BetLightOnRiver etc etc
    john, 25, True , False
    Ida, 23, False, , True

    etc etc

    I want to do this so I can perform some more advanced analytics on the players and the stats I have on them. (clearly not in Excel )

    I tried the export note definitions and it does produce a file I could write a script to parse, however it doesn't have any composite definitions or badges.
    (I know composite definitions are not persisted to the database, but I assume I can use these for a badge definitions and I can pick these up).

    How likely is it that you are going to make me very happy and tell me this is possible?

    If it's not possible from the GUI, is there any way of getting this from the DB? I had a look at the tables in PostgreSQL but there is no information in there that I can read as it looks encrypted.


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    No direction but to trust the final destination


    There's actually a reasonable documentation of the db schema in this thread NC not generating note defs for me?

    But your conclusion that badges and composites (really anything that goes as a color code or in the advanced tab) can't be handled this way is spot on. You could do it programatically as some bot makers have (not saying that's you) but it's going to take a lot of effort. I wish it were easier but at this time that's not the case

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    Thanks for your reply, I will have a look a the thread you posted.

    I'm not a bot maker - clearly not clever enough... (putting the moral issue aside).

    I was actually interested in running some advanced analytics to work out what the key drivers are for certain behaviors. I'm not even certain if it will work, but I figured it would be an interesting experiment.


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    Hi again,

    I feel a bit stupid because I had a look at the data in the Notecaddy data table, but I didn't stretch the column out so i couldn't actually see the data stored, just the first 20 characters that look encrypted. This is sufficient for me to extract the notes bit, so I'm very happy with this.

    For badges, where are these value persisted? Are they calculated on the fly?

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