I can't seem to find something like what is going on with me so
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    Default I can't seem to find something like what is going on with me so

    I thought I would post a new thread.

    My mobo fried, so I got a new one. But that caused me concern. I am running XP sp3 on a 1TB drive. I had an old 320gb hd I tried to do a restore of XP on but it eventually failed. So in comes Windows 7 pro on the 320gb hd.

    My old HEM2 and Postgres 8.3 db are still fine from what I can see as I did not have any perceived hd issues. I can plug the old hd into my SATA 1 port and get to all the files no problem.

    My goal is to move all my needed data from the old 1TB hd, to the new 320gb hd as a staging area. Then reformat the 1tb hd and put Win 7 Pro on it. But I can't seem to piece together the correct process. I have gone through the FAQ's and found moving to a new partition:

    So would that all I need to do? Then once the new 1tb hd is up and running, install HEM2. But which Postgres to use? 8.4 or 8.3? And is the license clearing process safe: http://hm2faq.holdemmanager.com/ques...Holdem+Manager ?

    I guess I should do the following steps:

    1) Clear the license code
    2) Move the database folder from the old hd to new one
    3) Setup new HD
    4) Move database folder to new hd
    5) Install HEM2 and Postrgres combo
    6) Import/Point to old database

    Any ideas?


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    If you're backing up your DB and restoring, it HAS to be 8.3

    If you want to upgrade postgres, then you will need to import the hands from c:\hm2archive or c:\hmarchive

    Yes, the license clearing is safe.

    For the process, you'll use the FAQ on moving to another partition.

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    Thanks for the fast response.

    So the new system has the c: drive. The other drive
    New HD vs Old HD
    e: c:
    f: d:

    I do not have a backup of my old HEM2 db, so I am a bad geek. Is there any way to import the old db from the old hd? I tried the faq about other partitions, but when I change the target, and then restart posgres, it hangs and won't restart. I looked for the %appdata% HEM database to run the xcopy but it is emtpy.

    Am I stuck importing all the hands into 8.3?


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    1) move the C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\HoldemManager\ Database
    folder from the old hd to the new one
    2) Move the database folder from the old hd to new one
    3) Install HEM2.... don't let it install PostgreSQL
    4) Install PostgreSQL 8.3.x with the installer from PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database During the installation
    5) Point it to the location of the old C:Program Files(x86)/PostgreSQL/8.3/data folder.
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