Trial expired before time
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    Default Trial expired before time

    I was using the trial of HM2 for a couple of weeks and it started having problems that I tried to figure out on another thread. Because it wasn't working I downloaded the trial of HM1. I used it for about three or 4 days and was pretty happy with it.

    Now it says my trial is expired for both of them. I had more than ten days left on both....I forget exactly how much. I was liking HM2 until it started having problems...but I couldn't buy it without being able to sort out the problems. HM1 seemed ok, but I'd like to try it a bit longer because there were some issues I wasn't sure about. Also I don't see anywhere that I can still actually purchase HM1.

    I did just have a pretty nasty trojan that Kaspersky found all over my machine all of a sudden this morning and I think this has something to do with what's happening. A lot of things are messed up .

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    Because of the virus you will probably need to reinstall your computer which will give you a new trial.
    In case you need a trial extension please contact

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