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    In the next HM beta update (.03) there will be a Rush poker filter in Leak buster.

    If you select all hands, it's going to import no-limit, pot-limit, and rush. If you only want rush hands, then select the Rush radio button. Also, when you click apply all, it will apply this filter across all steps.

    You can also select the last X number of hands now for each stake level you want to import.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MASTERHOLMES View Post
    you can't observer these hands, so you can't datamine.
    You can't observe as an observer, but when you're playing every hand played at a table you were seated will be in the HH, even if you QuickFold from UTG... problem is the field is continually changing.

    With almost 90,000 hands I have no more than 400 hands on a handfull of players and around 20/50 on a couple of thousands...

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