Incorrect hand counts in HUD
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    Default Incorrect hand counts in HUD

    1) What version of Holdem Manager are you using?

    1.10 beta 8

    2) a. What poker site are you playing on and does the problem occur on more than one site?

    b. NL Holdem on Stars. Only site I have us

    c. Have you clicked on the Start Auto Import button? yes

    Hand histories are being read.

    5a) If the hand histories show up in the auto import folders, but they're not importing into the database, please create a new database and try importing some hands to test if it's a corrupt database.

    6) Have you tried the Table Finder and did it work?
    HEM is already picking up the tables im playing.

    7) If you open the hand history files, are they written in English? Note that they should be. If you have problems with SnGs and/or MTTs please try it with the english client of your pokersite.

    8) Make sure UAC is disabled and unselect it and restart if it is.
    what is UAC

    9) Please attach your holdemmanager.config file from C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Config folder.

    Description of the issue:
    Hand histories appear to be read just fine. Data is showing up in the HUD, but the hand counts are not correct. It counts my hands properly. The number of hands pokerstars shows matches what is in my HUD. Often the counts of the other players are not correct.

    I have noticed when I first sit down and play a few hands it counts all hands for all player correctly. If there are empty seats and a player sits there. After HEM reads that player's first hand it resets all the other players to 1, but leaves my count correct. The hand data is still there. When I click a player to show their session stats I see all the hands I have played with them/the correct count.

    I do not have a lot of data already so most of the time all players at the table are starting with 0 hands.

    As I play hand counts in the HUD fluctuate. A player that was previously reset when another player joined the game can later show the correct hand count. I am not sure what triggers this, but it might have something to do with players coming and going from the table. This is just a guess.

    I did a search, but did not see a thread that matched my issue.


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    This is because of your additional Hud filters configuration, the Filter for # players is not correct.
    Please change it to sth. like:

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    That did the trick. Thanks for the help.

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