Colour/Badge options - supporting multiple Defintions?
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    Default Colour/Badge options - supporting multiple Defintions?


    I want to do something but I'm not sure if/how it's supported. I want to define a badge to appear when a certain criteria is met (this is fine, I know how to do this).

    When clicking on the Badge in the HUD, i will get the definition description (which is also fine).

    What I'm trying to achieve is the ability to bring in the results from multiple definitions and display them when I click the badge - however I only want to qualify my badge to appear from one definition. (I set one badge up with criteria from two definitions and both are displayed in the HUD, however this is not what I want to do).

    Main Definition: Fold Big Blind to Button Open
    Badge will appear when this is over 70%

    In the HUD I will see my badge and I can click on it to display the Note from the Main Definition

    At this point I may also want to see some other information from other Definitions listed below the Note from the Main definition in my HUD popup, such as:
    3 Bet Range definition
    C/F vs Cbet on Flop
    C/R vs Cbet on Flop
    How many times I have done this vs this player.

    (The above are just examples I thought of very quickly, and most likely not the final product).

    I.E I want to be able to create a mini information point for how this player acts depending on if they call or not.


    Edit: I tried to add my badge manually to appear in my HUD and then I tried to add definitions as a pop up, but it doesn't seem like I can choose the popup to appear for badges, as it seems to display the default definition description. To be honest I would prefer to able to add definitions when creating the badge anyway, as it would take too long to manually define pop ups for all badges one by one.
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    I did this and got it to work by using a color definition as a badge. I would put something like 999 only in the maximum box in the notecaddy stats for the definition/s that i wanted to show up on the badge popup.

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    Clever solution, I'll give it a go, ta much

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    Good solution.

    But the problem is if the definition you put 999 on dont have a single note the definition is not true and wont show up at all.

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