With the new year comes new changes. Many of you are already experiencing the new look of Holdem Manager, now we're opening up the forum so you can post questions related to the current release and have your own personal thread. This will let us to track problems better while also answering your questions more efficiently.

We'll still have the Current Release thread with up to date information about the latest version of Holdem Manager, but you won't be able to post in it.

What types of posts don't belong here?

  • Anything that is not directly related to the current release of Holdem Manager
  • PostgreSQL Questions
  • New Feature Requests
  • Strategy Questions
  • How Stats are Calculated - unless it's a new stat that you think is not being calculated correctly.
  • etc.

What types of post belong here?

  • Problems with Holdem Manager functionality after updating to the latest release
  • Problems after a poker site updated their software
  • Problems importing HH files

Happy New Year!