Please keep HM-4418 - Dummy panel for empty notecaddy badges
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    Default Please keep HM-4418 - Dummy panel for empty notecaddy badges

    There has been some discussion on the notecaddy forum about the pro and cons about the latest update of HEM2:

    HM-4418 - Dummy panel for empty notecaddy badges

    A few user has complained about it, and it seems that they have somehow convinced HEM2 developers to change it back. Please remember that a few complaints on here, does not mean that there a a majority, or even a big minority against the new update.

    For obvious reasons, people posting about the update, will be against it, as a player that notice it are think it is fine, will have no reason to post about it.

    PLEASE DONT CHANGE IT BACK - at least until you have made some investigation into how NC users actually feel about it - not only the ones who are active on this forum, now, because they dont like it!!

    Or better, make it optional!!!

    I like the change; here is why.

    It is nice to see if you are running out of badge slots - i have 12, and i have seen a player with 11 badges, so i see the (-) at the end, and know it is OK, without having to count. If i see a player without any (-) after the badges, i will know that i have to add more badge slots.


    I play 8-10 tables stacked. Before this update, when a player left and a new sat down; the old players stats would remain there for 3,4,5 and sometimes more hands - that can be very expensive if the old player was a big calling station, and the new one is folding all the time.

    Before you had to compare the name in the poker-client, with the name added in the HUD. AND, you basicly had to do that all the time, when making a somewhat big decission - really any decission - to be sure you had the right stats. I found that to be super stressfull.

    You can click "stop import, and the start inport" and the right stats comes at once; but you only notice it, when it is decission time, and then you dont have much time when you are multitabling.

    After the update,when a new players stats are not updated, the badge line is "- / - / - / -/ - / - / -" so you can immidiately see if stats don belong to that player, as it is then shown as "--------".

    Properly an unintended feature, but super super nice, when there are these problems updating player when a new player sits, specially when multitabling.

    Now i see at once thata there are a problem, and can make the "stop HUD, start HUD" manouvre - it has improved my play quite a lot.

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    I just noticed that the massive delay in updating, in regards to a new player taking an old players seat, maybe just a problem at PartyPoker.

    If that's the case, i can see why the is no obvious advantage in the new feature - doesn't seem to harmfull though.

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