Some questions about some stats
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    Default Some questions about some stats

    Hi there,

    I'm new to HM2 (i use HM2 not HM1 just to make that clear from the begining and if this is not the correct place to put this then pls move it to the correct forum or tell me where to put this if this forum is for HM1 only) and to other stats tracking programs at all so i have some questions like every beginer:

    I'm playing NL 6 Max Zoom so all of my questions are related to this!

    1. What is the difference between AF and Agg%? If i remember correct AF dont count the folds and Agg% count them in its formula, but can anyone tell me the exact formulas for those two, also which one is more important or should i use both of them in my HUD and in which situations they could be usefull and i have to chekc them when Im playing?

    2. Which stats is better TOT fold to steal or Fold BB to steal? Also if 0 - 62 62 - 73 73- 85 85 -100 is the color code for Fold BB to steal what are the color code for the TOT fold t osteal stat?

    3. How will looke like the color code for Sqeeze, Flop donk bet, Fold to flop donk bet, Limp fold

    4. When im playing Zoom poker and i use the quick fold button im moved to another table and im dealed new hand BUT is HM2 keep tracking what is going on on my last hand and is it upgrade my stats for the players i was in the hand i folded or after i use the quick fold button im considered not in this hand anymore and whats is going on with this hand is not recorded in my stats? Also same question about the rake?

    5. Which stats is better to be used, the overall stats or the vs Hero stats?

    6. Is ther any stats which normal values changes between the normal NL 6 max tables and Nl 6 max Zoom tables and if there is such stats which are they and how they change?

    Well thats it for now, if i have more questions i will ask here by upgradeing the OP.

    Thanks a lot in advance to any of you who answer some (or even better all) of my questions it will be really helpfull!
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    1. Aggression Factor = (bets + raises) / calls
    (for value between 0 and infinite... after many hands it's usually between 0.5 and 5)

    Aggression Frequency % = (bets + raises) / (bets + raises + checks + calls + folds) * 100%
    (for a value between 0 and 100%)

    2. Harrington (in Harrington on Online Cashgames) argues Fold BB to Steal is better to focus on, since:
    "there's no point in keeping track of a player's folding rate in the small blind".
    You can use the same color ranges for both stats.

    3. For 6max Zoom. It will depend on which stakes you play, and what you consider to be too high/low.
    For these stats it's difficult to pinpoint which exact range makes it unprofitable/profitable.
    Take Fold to Flop Donkbet as an example.
    If you see an opponent has a Fold to Flop Donkbet value of 90% (over 5 samples). You can profitably donkbet into him every hand.
    But if a player has a Flop Donkbet value of 20%... that doesn't really tell you anything.

    4. Yes HM2 will keep track of the old hand... but that hand has to finish first.
    So the stats on the new table, won't update (to include the hand where you quickfolded) until after that hand is finished and is imported.

    5. Use the overall stats.
    When you encounter an annoying opponent (who for example keeps 3betting you)---> where it's not clear, whether he's just 3betting a lot, or is picking on you, use the vsHero popup to see what his vsHero stats are.

    6. You'll be better off reading (2+2) articles on Zoom. (or just google: "rush poker strategy") There is a big difference between Zoom vs regular tables. The key is to know which players will TOO OFTEN:
    -3bet any hand in position
    -raise any hand when they're first to act
    -defend their big blind against a late position steal

    vs players that will only do this when they actually have a hand.

    In Zoom a 3bet from the small blind usually indicates a much stronger hand than at a normal table.
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