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    I dont understand how it work active session. If I stop 5, 10 minutes, the session continue with the last hands. But I want begin a new session.Is possible to end the active session? It`s for begin a new session since 0 hands, although only 1 minute.

    I have HM2

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    yeah you gotta wait 30 minutes or just tell HM2 in the settings that you want your active session stopped within 2 minutes or whatever.

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    settings--> general settings--> change the minimum time between sessions.
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    Is it posible in HM3 too? How to do it? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomas1470 View Post
    Is it posible in HM3 too? How to do it? thanks
    There is no such feature in HM3 yet, it is still hard-coded to 30 minute session timeouts.

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