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Thread: Problems!!!!

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    Default Problems!!!!

    when i start HM i get message saying in order to use HM i need to grant the permission of Administrator
    need to enter username and pasword of some administrator
    when i press cancel i get message saying about
    contact RGV software due to licence problems
    Well i just bought the HM

    need help

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    thats the screen shot of problem n1

    and this one is what i get when i cancel the firs one

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    Please attach the screen shots to the thread. I am unable to download those.

    To attach it to a thread in the forums, look below the post reply button when you start a new thread and you'll see a manage attachments button. Click this and attach the file.

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    I have a p.c problem,anytime i use my p.c,after 5 minutes it turns off just like that and my p.c fan doesn't roll/work,

    This are the things i think might have been the problem,i downloaded speed fan,did some temperature shuffling,i downloaded c.cleaner(a registry cleaner,it erased a part of my anti virus and now my anti virus is turned off,but basically what i am concerned about is my fan not turning ,how can i fix this,should i re-install xp,or what ,I'm confused.please my p.c is my can i make my p.c fan work please i need help.

    I tried system restore,but the system restore program did not come up,i use xp on hp compaq,my p.c is about 4-5 years old and this is the first time its acting like it want's to crash.

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    Default power supply

    It's likely your power supply.

    Cheap enough to replace but with a computer that old ... tell the ol' lady it died and buy a new one.

    Get Windows 7 ( 64 bit preferably ) and at least 4 gigs of RAM ... more if you can.

    The only problem with 64 bit is if you have an old printer too you may not be able to get a driver for it and then have to get a new printer too.

    Make sure it has two hard drives ... one for backups.

    I also use an external harddrive for a 2nd backup. Backups have been known to fail so more than one is a good idea.

    For a temporary fix, you might take the computer outside with a can of compressed air and open it up and blow it out, especially the power supply.

    I've seen computers collect so much gunk over the years, the air just can't get through.

    Most people practice ZERO computer maintenance, unfortunately.

    Also blow down the fans and see if they will spin manually.

    I have taken them apart and applied a drop of electric shaver oil to the hub and gotten them running again. That's just a temporary fix, though ... you need to replace the fan if it needs that treatment.

    But just a bad fan wouldn't cause it to shut down after 5 min.

    I'm betting your power supply is dying ( could be motherboard but PS is more likely ).

    I live in front of my pc too

    I'd recommend making one backup with a backup program like Acronis True Image 2010 and one with Windows backup program or use Easy File Transfer to have a 2nd backup. No such thing as too many backups or too much RAM.

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