HM2 doesn't import entire HM1 database
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    Question HM2 doesn't import entire HM1 database


    I upgrade my HM to HM2 Hold'em Pro (V. on a Win7 32b OS.

    After installation it started importing my HM1 database but as it somehow freezed, i stopped the import. I then manualy started importing via Database-Import: Holdemmanager 1, database: holdemmanager.

    It only imported my Partypoker hands until end of December 2011 (probably the last time I played there), but none of my other hands ot various iPoker sites (there are a lot of iPoker hands...)

    I also tried to manually import from some other folders where I think the files might be (Postgre folders with large size) but no files were found.

    If I open HM1, everything's still there and working fine. I also did a backup of my HM1 database in HM1, but HM2 cannot access this backup (file extension is different).

    I also do not have a folder c:\hmarchive, I think I changed this directory at a certain point of time and put it on another drive. But I am not sure whether this is the changed HMarchive.

    Anyway, I hope someone can help me here

    Thanks in advance!

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    Please update to this version of HM2:

    You can not restore a HM1 backup into HM2. Please try the database manager > import option.

    If you continue to have problems, please reproduce the issue, describe what you were doing and attach your log.txt file -

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    Updating didn't work out. After again importing through the database manager, two more sessions from yesterday and the day before yesterday were imported, but not at all my entire db. I sent an email to support with my logfile and hope to get a reply from there.

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    If some are working and some are not, this points to a corrupt DB. Please create a new DB and import the hands.

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