license problem after an HM1 update
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    Unhappy license problem after an HM1 update

    Ive been using HM1 (small stakes) for quite a while and today ive realised that i hadn't really updated it for a long time (i had a break away from the tables). So i downloaded the 1.12.09 udate and installed it. When I wanted to open the Manager it showed me the trial version screen with obv 0 day remaining. Then i can see the Licensing Issues screen. I restarted the computer which didn't help. So I went to the registration site as suggested and wanted to 'upload license code', when i do that a msg shows up "This License Code is already uploaded." (alhough i can't seem to find it anywhere on the site, in 'my account' etc.). As you can guess that still didn't help and now i have no other ideas, i searched through the forum but couldn't find the solution.
    Thanks for any help!

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    Update to:

    If you continue to have registration issues, please send your updated Reg.log file from the C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Logs folder. If your Windows is hiding known file extensions the file will simply be called 'reg'.
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