"Default" feature for Hand Viever > Copy To Clipboard As
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    Default "Default" feature for Hand Viever > Copy To Clipboard As

    Hi. We`ve got a lot of options for posting our hands.
    There is to much of options. It is not handy to chose it every time. Can you please make it.... remembereble?

    And by the way, what this text for?
    It is not pretty and takes a place, distracts

    Many thanks!

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    This is a feature which is on the list to address. While I do not have a specific date for when this feature might be added, we are putting out updates regularly.

    The assigned internal ticket # on this issue is hm-4181. We will often release builds on a limited basis, only in the forums for a few days first, so please check back on this thread http://forums.holdemmanager.com/hm2-releases/ for that ticket #.

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