Definition of "3bet vs Open EP" for example
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    Default Definition of "3bet vs Open EP" for example


    I didn't find something about in the manual and it doesn't clear itself by making thoughts about. I hope someone can help.

    1) What describes the stat in the topic? A 3bet vs Open limp, Open bet or both?
    2) Why is my personal, general "3bet.EP" in general lower than the "3bet vs Open.EP (total)"? What is the difference? (I didn't play much hands)
    3) Why does "" not exist? Same for "" for example.
    4) Why is the button position completly missing for "Fold_vs_3b.IP and .blind"?

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    Please check the formulas for the stats and the FAQ.

    For suggesting new stats:

    Please come back if you need further help.

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