Ordered Omaha; got emails about Professional
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    Default Ordered Omaha; got emails about Professional

    I recently purchased the Omaha upgrade, because I'd like to play both small stakes hold 'em and Omaha. I got an automated message of the following form:

    > Thanks!
    > Here is your Holdem Manager Professional serial code:
    > PRO-X0000-X0X0X-000X-000X
    > You can use this code on 2 pc's. Choose profile 'PC#1' for one pc and
    > 'PC#2' for the second pc when prompted.
    > Download the manual and view important links and the setup guide here: ht=

    I replied asking if I should have a Professional serial number. I got another automated message with the same number.

    I forwarded this to support@holdemmanager.net and have not received a reply.

    Can you please advise me on whether I need to enter this number, or whether I've mistakenly gotten a pro number instead of an Omaha number?

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    You should contact sales@holdemmanager.net and explain your problem in detail, we cant help you here.

    If you cant figure it out please push this thread again and i will try to contact sales.

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