"Sessions" Still Combined
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    Default "Sessions" Still Combined

    I believe I read somewhere in the latest release notes that the bug was fixed that caused "Sessions" to be combined.

    I just ran two Sessions close to each other that were combined, restarting HE Manager in between the sessions.

    The old HHs were still in the HH folder, which may be the cause.

    (The latter is a different issue I am having...the HHs are not being moved. I have it configured correctly and have reconfigured the "move" operations a couple of times. But I'll post on that in a separate thread when I have time...)

    Thanks for the great product!

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    Hi, do you mean 2 sessions from different sites at different times that combine into 1 session due to the different timestamps from the sites? That is not fixed yet.

    If you mean 2 sessions from the same site combining into 1 then that is controlled by the setting <setting name="SessionTimeoutDuration">30</setting>
    in the HoldemManager.config file. Close down HM first and then edit that number. This is the number of minute break that should be considered the end of a session. So if you want a break of 10 minutes to be split into a new session then make this number 10.

    Hand History files only get moved when they are at least 1 hour old so next time you play the hands from your previous session will be moved.


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    OK, thank you RVG...I did misread the release notes and your post solves my problem!

    Sorry, just one more question...Holdem Manager is so powerful--Is there currently extensive documentation on features such as this, because I don't recall reading about this setting? Not that it matters too much...I'm just curious to see what other cool features I'm overlooking!

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    There is documentation on the interface in the FAQ but currenlty not on editing config files and that kind of stuff because the majority of settings can be changed from the interface itself.

    There will be more documentation on editing custom reports in the future though.
    We welcome any feedback on any solutions we provide, this helps us to provide better quality solutions in the future.

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