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    Thought I'd post a follow up on how everything is going with Fool @ Pokerfusion.

    I have been working with Fool for a month now, due to a completely new system setup that i will explain in a few, and all I can say is this guy is truly top notch.

    I upgraded my whole system in order to take advantage of the 8 gigs of RAM that I currently run (going to 24 gigs in the next few months, sorry Fool, you know what we are about to have to do again...) Fool came in and uploaded all of my old files, poker settings, etc to the exact same setting & format that I originally had on the old OS. The guy is incredible, within 1 hour I was back up and running like nothing had changed. And if you are a serious player, you know that time is money...

    Also, I decided to get crazy with personalizing my computer and Fool totally blew me away with his ideas. Im pretty sure he got into it more than I did.. I really appreciate it when someone takes pride in their work. That means everything to me.

    Its really awesome to be able to explain a vision to someone and they know exactly what you want. Please note that I am not tech savvy, he just knows how to listen to me and come up with a plan that exactly meets what I want. From my experience of working with IT guys, it is always a major problem trying to communicate with them because I dont understand their language and for whatever reason they are not able to process what I am saying into "computer speak." Not so with Fool, he has never once given me an answer other than "sure we can do that, no problem."

    In fact, most of the time that I spend on Skype with him, that's all he's saying!

    I want to start a new thread where I can share my custom setup with anyone who is interested. I am a sng grinder so my setup may not be suitable for everyone, but once again Fool can take your wildest ideas and apply them to make your system work for you. IMO, its all about making yourself more comfortable and relaxed so you can totally focus on your game and nothing else.

    Point being, I want others to know that these services are available and that it will help you, as it has for me. I went 2 years without any customization or automation and now that I know what I have going on I damn sure couldnt go back.

    GL on the tables!


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    Just received my computer from Poker Fusion. It is absolutely sick. It came loaded with all of my poker software which was HUGE. In fact, that was the number one thing I dreaded in replacing my old computer. James set me up with every feature imaginable and it was ready to go right out of the box. Unreal service to go along with it. I have used James to troublesoot and add software and he is extremely good. I don't wanna get too carried away and make this sound like an advert but I am pretty blown away by my new setup.

    Devin aka Dangerfish

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    I want to add one more HUGE recommendation for James' services.

    I'm amazed with how much value (and incredible convenience) he added to my poker set up. I have used him on two different occasions and each time I was blown away at how he goes above and beyond to get you set up exactly the way you want...and even sometimes in a way that is even better then you had in mind with things you either didn't know about or didn't think of.

    If you play poker on a regular basis, you really need to get in touch with James to see what he can do for you.

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    Honestly I think James a.k.a. Fool should change his alias to 7-11 or Kwik-e mart b/c thats how damn convenient he is. I just spent several hours optimizing my machine, all of my poker software, and a thousand other things I didn't even know were possible. I just sat back relaxed asked questions and Fool did all of the work.

    This guy is really, really sick. No one I've ever met before even comes close to touching his wealth of knowledge. Most of the time he was answering questions before I could even think to ask them. My computer is 10x faster now, 100x more secure, and there's not a way to describe how much more convenient my tables have become. Not only that James is a very knowledgeable poker player himself so he has a very good idea of what your needs are and an excellent idea of how to satisfy them.

    I honestly feel James' services were worth every penny and I look forward to having his assistance on future updates and check ups. There were 2 more things that really stood out to me about James. One he really cares about his reputation and about his customers. He honestly enjoys helping others understand how to use their computers more efficiently, which for us poker players means to make more cash. Secondly, it really stood out how trustworthy James is. You can depend on him and he's going to shoot you straight and not take advantage of you. Imo, thats priceless.

    If you want to rid yourself of computer and poker headaches you need to contact James a.k.a. Fool ASAP!

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