Good evening ladies!
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    Angry Good evening ladies!

    I cant find all words to describe how much HM 2 sucks !!!!!
    Why did you even try to make best software cause HM 1 was the best of the best !!!!!!
    this HM 2 sucks so much that im going many times frezze, after i open it the HUD is not showing for about 20minutes, i also bough note caddy which is not working propertly and got error so many times than i must restart HM.
    Whwen i open a replayer and close it HM2 crash again.

    I mean WHAAAAAAAAAT THE FUCK , and guess what, im not the only one , dont try to forward me insctuctions how to repair those errors cause i already did and still sux.. I WANT HM1 back, this HM 2 is the worthless software for poker ever.fuuuck

    i want money back or HM 1 license, i didnt pay for this shit !

    Please understand me !

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    Did you already own a HM1 license and buy a HM2 upgrade?
    If you bought HM2, after trying both the HM1 and HM2 trial, you can contact to give you a 180 day trial for HM1.
    Participate in the Beta release of the newest Hold'em Manager version: HM Cloud. Sign-up HERE.

    If you would like to leave some feedback to help us improve the quality of the solutions, and/or the support quality you received, - you can do this here

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