importing taking FOREVER
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    Default importing taking FOREVER


    My PC has been importing 5 million hands from a a folder for the past 40 hours.

    At first the import rate was over 120 hands per sec, but that rate gradually slow down, atm at 30 hands per sec after 4 million hands.

    Is that because the bigger the Database the slower it gets?

    I havent been able to play all the time cos HEM is busy importing.

    I have a decent PC, i.e. Quad Core 2, 2.66Ghz with 8Gb RAM.

    Will HEM's performance be affected by the size of the DB?


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    This is standard procedure with huge imports. The DB will get progressively slower bulk import speeds as it grows, but this should not affect normal play (only the bulk imports). I suggest you break up large imports like yours, into smaller groups so the PC isn't busy for such a long time. Then import a portion each night while sleeping so you can use the PC during the day.

    Proper DB maintenance and performance can help to reduce the speed degradation.

    I would have also suggested you turn off the SQL logging before importing so many files.

    The DB maintenance and logging is explained here:

    I would suggest you do the majority of the things in this thread:

    Some of the most important things, imo:

    - Remove the WinnerName, WinnerCards and WinnerWon from the Hands View Column Selector
    - Turning off logging and deleting existing logs
    - Vacuum/Full/Analyze, then Reindex -
    - Defrag last and make sure you stop the postgresql service before you defrag. I personally use Defraggler.
    - Do a Cold Boot (Shut Down > Start) before you use HM again

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