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    Default HM1 HH Files Trial Over


    My trial for HM1 has now ended. I'm on a trial for HM2 now.

    I've tried the import from HM1 on HM2 and it doesn't do all the files. I've left it running for the past 2 nights now but doesn't complete it.

    I've also tried to import only the hero hands but that doesn't do it either.

    I can't open HM1 to export hands to hard drive because the trial is over.

    Is there a way to find the files on my computer somehow so I can import them that way?

    I've tried DBControlPanel.exe but nothing exists.

    I would be greatful of any help.



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    HM1: run dbcontrolpanel from the HoldemManager folder, and you can still export all your HM1 hands.

    HM2: just run a import from folder on C:/HMArchive (the HM1 archive folder, which has all the original handhistories)
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    That's great thanks Patvs.

    All sorted now and back to normal.


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