I just switch to HM2 and I am busy redoing my old HUD. In my new HUD I am going to stop use VPIP and PFR and instead use RFI/Steal/Fold vs Steal. My problem that I encounter during my 2 days of testing is that it confusing to always have to calculate 100 - 72 = 28 VPiP vs Steal (in my head). It would be so much easier and more logic in relation to other stats if it was Vpip vs steal or at least have an option for it.

ex. of a standard HUD with 4 stats.

VPiP - Fold vs steal - PFR - 3bet

30 - 60 - 25 - 10 (as it is now)
30 - 40 - 25 - 10 (This is so much more logic to me to look at)

Is there such a stat in HM?
Is it possible to make a own stat that you can use in the HUD?