Installation frustration!
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    Default Installation frustration!


    ive spent the last 5 hours trying to install holdemmanager. I cannot recall being more frustrated, ever.

    My first problem was installing postgres. Then once this was done, holdem wouldnt connect to postgres. Now after reading probably over 100 threads in this forum and a few google searches that is sorted.

    My latest problem is when i get to the create a new database section in the install. I get the error message: 22023 new encoding (sql_ascii) is incompatible with the encoding of the template database.

    I cannot describe in words how frustrating this has been. I'm one of those people who, although ive used a computer, and some pretty advanced software programs, for over 10 years, i know nothing about the inner workings or even how to do some super simple things. Any time i need to use a program its for a specific task, i learn how to do said task and dont muck about testing what else the program is capable of.

    I know the creators of this program must be highly intelligent and very computer savvy. Your support forum and faqs have lots and lots of info. However a lot of it explains things in a language made for computer savvy people. Some times, one simple line of instrction has taken me half an hour and several google searches just to understand and be able to do.

    I really hope someone can help me. I am not confident however as one problem after another seems to arise when trying to install this software. Im truly amazed so many people have managed to install this themsselves and have it working.

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    Please update to the latest beta -

    Create a new DB:

    Leave it set for UTF as shown in the attached pic.

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    If you are still having problems it will probably be easiest to do a clean reinstall of postgresql version 8.4. I will post the directions, as well as my contact information, in case you need a remote support session for me to help you get everything running.

    If you need some personal assistance with this, Please email me at with a link to this thread, so we can schedule a Teamviewer session. Download and install the Quick Support version. Please let me know what time zone you are in and what time/days are convenient for you.

    If you want to try and do a clean reinstall of sql 8.4.

    Please update to the latest beta -

    Vista: Turn off UAC -

    Turn off Windows Firewall for installing HM and PostgreSQL. Once you get those installed you can add exceptions to the firewall. If you have a 3rd party firewall, uninstall it completely before installing HM/SQL -

    For uninstalling SQL please follow these steps:

    1) Uninstall PostgreSQL from the Windows Control Panel.
    2) manually delete the Program Files\Postgresql folders
    3) run the command - start > run > cmd >
    PHP Code:
    net user postgres /delete 
    4) reboot.
    5) Install PostgreSQL 8.4, with your firewall uninstalled or turned off if windows firewall -

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