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    Default Active Session > Session Summary. No tournament results graph

    2.0.0..6088 with latest PS update patch applied

    Game Mode = Tournament

    Active session > selected session = Active session.

    Active session time stamp is not resetting when i close both HM2 and PS down completely then restart. I am left with the active session time stamped from First Hand Logged until current. All the hands are correctly displayed in the right hand display. But I have no session summary graph

    The session summary graph does not display for Active Session, It will however show for previous sessions (which I manually loaded from files)

    Table finder and HUD work correctly.

    I have checked time stamp is correct.

    Please Help

    Edit: Rebooted PC (win 7 64bit) and reopened, Active Session Summary is still time Stamped From when I installed PS patch and first ran HM2! I expected the active session to start again following a reboot)
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    I have the same problem and not for the first time...hm2-16-nov.png
    Also duration was about 30-60 minutes not 4.5 hrs

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    This is almost always due to an improper site time setting. As you can see in your screenshot, you played in the future.

    The automatic Site Time Adjustment will read from the site's server. If you adjust the lobby clock settings, on some sites, it could cause the Time column for the hands in the Reports to be off.

    To verify, please compare the time in the Active Sessions, or Reports' hands section to your computer clock while playing.

    See this FAQ for the adjustment steps if there is a difference - Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software :: Options / Hand Importing / Site Time Adjustment
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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